Website developing

All InfoTech Plus Ghana client web sites are designed with easy to use Content Management System (CMS), which allows our clients complete flexibility, versatility and originality. Web Sites can be fully managed by our clients at home or in the office, giving them the ability to manage their own web sites, and increase customer satisfaction along the way.

Designed for non-technical users, Our website is an easy-to-use, search engine friendly, Web Content Management System capable of managing a Web site's editing, content creation and publishing processes.

You will be able to manage your web site 24/7, 365 from any web browser with an internet connection!

Main Features

You can update pages, add new ones, or remove old content

  • Type in (or copy-and-paste in) your new content, and then just click the "Update" button. Your new text instantly shows up on your live website!
  • You can also add new pages and choose where they go on your site.
  • You can also delete or archive old page, and
  • modify entries of other users.

Photo Albums with Sideshows

  • With a Our CMS, you can create multiple photo albums.
  • With each album you create, you can enter a name and description for each photo, and control what order they are displayed in the album.
  • To add a photo to an album, just click the upload button, select the photo, and the system automatically uploads the photo, and resizes it in thumbnail and large version for your website.

Current News Page

  • All news items you choose to include are summarized with date, title, and summary, and a "more" link to allow your visitor to view the complete article. The most recent news article goes to the top of the list automatically.

File Download Page

  • Would you like to offer your clients downloadable files, such as a periodical, newsletter or registration form? You can upload PDF files, MS Office files and images to your website using the "Add File " administration.
  • All these files appear in order on your website's File Download page, the most recent on top, with the date and a clickable link to open and view each file.

Google Sitemap

  • With a Drupal CMS system, you can create and register a Google Sitemap for your Website. Daily updates of page status and a website tree provided to Google in XML format help with website/Google communications.


  • Our CMS system allows you to manage your online store with user-friendly shopping carts.
  • It also gives you to perform simple, browser-based management and inventory additions and modifications to your site.

Digital File & Asset Management

  • This is developed specifically for companies which need to organize and share marketing, sales and other critical documents amongst a group of people, whether in the office, at home, or on the road.


  • You can manage newsletters and customer marketing abilities (what does “customer marketing abilities” mean?
  • Keep site visitor statistics and track the results of specific promotional campaigns
  • Develop user lists to keep track of visitors to your sites, client preferences, and