Search engine optimization

seoUsing our CMS’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) controls, even totally non-technical users can easily add keywords and keyword phrases within their Content Management System. Because the whole process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is built-in and user-friendly, it makes your Web site highly intuitive to search engines and to you and/or other people managing your web site.

Any adjustments needed to improve your site’s organic search engine rankings - such as page title names, URLs, meta tags, keyword copy, keyword and description tags, graphics titles and internal/external hyperlinks - can be made on-the-fly, making it easy for non-technical users to control and optimize the SEO capabilities of your web site.

At InfoTech Plus we can recommend the best solution for your particular requirements, and help you with implementation, training and on-going support. We will let you know about upcoming maintenance options and new developments, so you can continue to keep your web site up and running in the most effective and yet simple way.